A Mammoth story.

After discovering where Jules Vern’s time machine was hidden, we jumped in, set the date to five million years BC to the prehistoric Pliocene Epoch. When we arrived we observed frisky woolly mammoths eating and dancing on large mounds of coffee beans, right in front of us.

The coffee aroma was intense. Seemingly the coffee was roasted on mass by recent volcanic activity. One caffeine hyped mammoth charged at us. We ducked for cover behind a gigantic coffee tree and fell on a large mound of green and volcanic roasted coffee beans. We bagged as much coffee as we could carry, jumped into the camouflaged time machine and escaped to the twenty-first century.

We called it Mammoth.

A primeval coffee characterised by volcanic caramel with crushed nutty flavours, coming earthy richness with sweet ancient amber honey tones.

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